Why Hire Barb Pitcock

With the release of her best selling book, No Guts No Story  and her latest presence on many company’s stages, Barb’s electric and magnetic personality is in demand!
Barb is going to take a select group of people on the journey of a lifetime with result and goal driven coaching and accountability opportunities.

barb speaksWhether you decide to join one of the group coaching opportunities or the very limited one on one coaching opportunities, you will experience a breakthrough in your life and business. Barb focuses on realistic goals, motivation, spirituality, relationships and financial independence.

Barb will be coaching 100% of the group and one on one classes and clinics. Since she is doing all of the work…this opportunity will be extremely limited. Group coaching sessions will be kept small so results can be charted and tracked. One on one coaching is one on one time with Barb.

If you are in a business or company and would like to have your specific group together for the coaching and accountability sessions please let us know the number of people you are inquiring about that would be in your group.

2011 will have a limited number of groups and one on one sessions. 99% of all sessions will be done over the phone.
Some sessions will be in person.

The top 74 money earners in the U.S earned an average of $510,000,000 each for the year. ALL OF THEM BELONGED TO A GROUP OF SOME KIND AND WERE ACCOUNTABLE!

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